Our story

Founded in 2017, Grandaids bridges the technological gap between the digital world of today and our older generation. As the rapid pace of change continues to accelerate beyond anyone’s wildest predictions, the technology that was meant to bring ‘us all together’ has in fact done the opposite; and left many in our society more disconnected and out of touch than ever before.
That’s where Grandaids can help!

Personal experience drives passion for Grandaids

“Grandaids started after a simple trip to visit my Grandparents and an observation around their Foxtel bill. After renegotiating their cable package to include a better service at a significantly discounted rate, I was on the phone with Telstra, ready to streamline that service too.

Over time, my grandparents and their friends asked me to assist with their digital life in various ways. Somewhere between setting up Instagram and a Service NSW account, I realised that while these incredible services were second nature to me, they were foreign to many others. Enter Grandaids.

I know that people can benefit from the same care and understanding I’ve shown my grandparents. All they need is someone to be there, to physically guide them through their technology challenges; a personal, patient assistant whose role is to make an online experience an enjoyable one.”

Georgie Lewin


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