We provide one-on-one support to solve your technology challenges.

While the digital world is complex and technology can feel overwhelming, Grandaids will educate, assist and empower you, so you too can benefit from the convenience of technology.

Our services

How we can help

Our goal is to help you take control of your online life, so you can carry out day-to-day necessities and benefit from the convenience and connection that technology can bring. 

By providing in-home one-on-one assistance, our Mentors can review and solve the challenges you may be experiencing with technology. We can assist with a wide range of services from safely storing your digital photos to connecting you with family via video calls. Regardless of the challenges you have, our reliable, responsible and experienced Mentors can help.

Smart TVs

We can customise your smart TV, personalise your home screen and remote control, and ensure your favourite shows are linked and ready to stream.


Impaired hearing and sight can pose an accessibility challenge. ​We evaluate your needs and improve functionality to ensure you can access online services and remain connected with friends and family.


Nearly every service has an application, also known as an app. Between Government services and online banking, we will ensure you have ordered access to your everyday apps on your device.

Online Security

Scams, password breaches and hackers can scare off the most tech-savvy person. Our mentors will ensure your online security is optimal for safe online browsing and access.

Device set up

Devices can be tricky, whether it’s a new phone, computer, or iPad it’s important to have your device arranged for ease of use. We’ll personalise your device so you can access the items you need when you need them.

Our Mentors

Honest & Trustworthy

All our Mentors are fully vaccinated against Covid 19 and hold a National Police Check certificate.

Patient & Friendly

Every interaction with a Grandaids Mentor will be a pleasant experience. Kindness, understanding and patience are prerequisites for working at Grandaids.

Experienced & Knowledgable

Grandaids Mentors are tech-savvy individuals with a passion for technology. With experience across both Mac and PC platforms, multiple devices and in-home technology functions, if there is something they don't know, they'll endeavour to find out!


Our service fees

In-Home Assistance


Per Hour

One-on-one assistance in your home with an experienced Mentor

Guidance and education to address specific challenges you are experiencing

Session notes are provided, allowing you to refer back to information discussed with your Grandaids Mentor

Session Extension


Per 30 Mins

We're flexible and we understand that some sessions take more time. Depending on availability of your Mentor, we can extend sessions by 30 minute intervals, should you need

Call-out charges

No call out fees for travel within 10km of your nearest Grandaids HQ.

Call-out fees are calculated using Google maps fastest route function.


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