Using Technology to Stay Independent in Your Home, for Longer

As we age, staying independent in our homes can become more challenging. We may begin to struggle with daily tasks that were once effortless. However, technological advancements can help us stay safe and maintain our independence for longer. Here are some ways to use technology to stay independent in your home. Home Assistants Home assistants, […]

Safe Passwords – and why you need to use them!

Technology promises to make our lives easier and services more accessible (and generally, it does). However, every new website and service we sign up for is another password we need to remember. For most of us, it’s become impossible to remember all of them. Nearly all services, such as banking, insurance, and shopping (to name […]

What is The Cloud?

WHAT IS THE CLOUD? (and where does all of our ‘Digital stuff’ go?) The first thing to understand about ‘The Cloud’ is that it is not a physical place or thing. Think of The Cloud as a virtual locker where you can remotely and securely store your data. The term ‘Cloud’ has been coined because digital […]

Watch what you want, when you want it – Welcome to Streaming!

WHAT IS STREAMING? Also known as On-demand or Video on demand (VOD) Streaming is the new way of watching TV. You can watch what you want, where you want, how you want and when you want.  The term “streaming” refers to any media content – live or recorded – delivered to computers, mobile devices and Smart […]

How to make your smartphone senior-friendly

Are you finding your smartphone a little too smart? A smartphone can be overwhelming for some people – with too many apps and widgets, swipe for this, double tap for that. That’s why we compiled this helpful guide to making your smartphone more user-friendly. After reading this article, you should be able to apply at […]

Festive Fraud

The year-end holiday season is a busy and exciting time for many Australians, but did you know it is also a time when scammers come out in full force? Australians have already lost approximately $475 million to scams this year, and the ACCC is urging consumers to watch out for dodgy deals as pre-holiday sales […]