The best Tablets for Seniors

Being connected to your friends and family is important, and technology allows us to do this, now more than ever. The limitations of distance are no longer a factor for staying in contact and regularly seeing loved ones.

Tablets have brought video chat and internet browsing from relatively difficult-to-see phone screens to much bigger ones, making it easier to see and hear the person on the other end, without the need to squint!

Finding the right tablet can make all the difference to people with hearing loss, bad eyesight or those who are technologically challenged! In fact, using this type of technology can be a helpful tool for people with arthritis and memory loss as well.

To choose the best tablets for seniors, the Forbes Health editorial team analysed data on products from the top 10 brands, evaluating them based on price, screen size, battery life, special features and more.


See Forbes Health list of Top Ten tablets for Seniors here:


Please note – you do not need to purchase from Amazon, you should research the best price available for the tablet of your choosing.

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